If you have a day to explore the region around Adelboden and Lenk, you would do well to do so on two wheels. 

Mountain biking in Adelboden-Lenk

Surrounded by mountain peaks, forests and streams: Bikeland Adelboden-Lenk offers beginners, families, pleasure bikers and adrenaline seekers an unforgettable biking and mountain experience. Whether tours with or without mountain railway, crisp ascents, rapid descents or leisurely tours in the valley: Bikeland Adelboden-Lenk makes hearts beat faster.

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Biking map Adelboden-Lenk

333 biking kilometers and every biking highlight in Adelboden-Lenk at a glance. 

Since 2022

New Höchst-Trail 

For the adventurous and action-hungry

The Höchst-Trail leads from the Höchsthorn mountain station via Chuenisbärgli down to the Bergläger. With an average gradient of ten per cent, it is a fun ride for experienced and adventurous bikers. The start at around 1900 metres above sea level can be easily reached on the Höchst chairlift. Enthusiastic bikers can shred down into the valley through 3.8 kilometres and 410 metres in altitude over numerous jumps and steep bends.


Biking highlights

A picture-book landscape full of enchanted places. The region around Adelboden is best discovered by bike on our highlight tours.  Leisurely or challenging, alone or with the whole family.



16-99 years
6-15 years
Adelboden-Lenk day ticket (incl. Frutigen) - normal fare CHF 66 CHF 38
Day ticket Adelboden-Lenk (incl. Frutigen) - with GA/ Half-Fare Card CHF 38  
Day ticket Adelboden-Lenk (incl. Frutigen) - with guest card CHF 40 CHF 25
Day ticket Adelboden-Lenk (incl. Frutigen) - with junior ticket   CHF 10
Trail ticket Aelboden-Lenk (incl. Frutigen) * CHF 10 CHF 10

* Additional bike ticket for guests with already valide hiking- or hotel ticket. Fee is charged for the use of trails. 

Bike transports

  • Local buses and bus Frutigen-Adelboden: same tariffs as passenger transportation
  • The Engstligenalp cable car does not transport bikes.

Bike rental

Büschlen Bikesport & more
Schlegelistr. 1 + 3, Adelboden
Tel. +41 (0)33 673 24 60

Garage Inniger
Bodenstrasse 1, Adelboden
Tel. +41 (0)33 673 22 60

Hari Sport 
Dorfstrasse 17A, Adelboden
Tel. +41 (0)33 673 02 70

Bergluft Bike Lenk
Oberriedstrasse 5, 3775 Lenk
Tel. +41 (0)33 733 04 28

Troxler Sport
Talstation Betelberg
Badstrasse 3, 3775 Lenk
Tel. +41 (0)33 733 05 56

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Biking code of conduct

Adelboden-Lenk is a natural paradise. It can stay this way if everyone shows respect for the natural world and for each other. Follow our code of conduct to ensure everyone can enjoy their biking adventure in Adelboden-Lenk.

Safe and ready to go

  • Plan your tour carefully and don’t overestimate yourself
  • Always check the weather conditions.

  • Check your bike thoroughly before each trip: brakes, tyre pressure, wheels, suspension and gears.

  • Make sure you are well equipped: helmet, food and drink, waterproofs and repair kit are all essentials.

Before you start: some important phone numbers:

  • Bergbahnen Adelboden AG 033 673 90 90

  • Lenk Bergbahnen: 033 736 30 30

  • Emergency: 144

Fair & friendly

  • Avoid busy trails.

  • Look ahead and always be ready to brake.

  • Bikers are friendly creatures: a hearty greeting works wonders

  • ALWAYS close fences and gates

  • Leave nothing behind: always take your rubbish with you and be considerate of animals and plants

  • Keep to existing trails and avoid loose terrain and wildlife rest areas

  • Relax and enjoy – biking in Adelboden-Lenk is a sure way to leave it all behind!

Learn from the best

Bike school Adelboden

Enjoy private lessons that are individually tailored to you. Are you more a beginner on the bike and would like to receive tips & tricks for handling your bike? Or are you already fairly advanced and want to refine your technique or improve your trail skills? Whatever your wishes, come to us with them!

Bikeschule Adelboden
By Schweizer Skischule Adelboden
Dorfstrasse 23
3715 Adelboden
033 673 80 90

Skills Area Nevada

The Bike Skills Area Nevada consists of a pump track and a short jump line, which are framed by various skills stations summarized as a mountain bike trail (bends, steps, rock gardens, bridges and uphill).

The use of the facility is free of charge.