Wallbach Gorge

This easy and comfortable round tour starts in the village of Lenk and leads you through the beautiful Wallbach Gorge.

Those who like to hike close to the water will feel at home here. The water flows over the finely polished rocks and a waterfall down the gorge.

The path leads into the forest at the beginning of the gorge. Here the riverbed is still wide and perhaps there are some man-made piles. The many stones offer themselves for building. The further into the gorge, it becomes narrower and the path leads a few meters up the steepest section via stairs with handrail. Unimaginable that a restaurant once stood back here a long time ago. Right next to the stairs the water flows through the small canyon. Afterwards, the path zigzags further up the forest and as soon as the edge of the forest is reached, the restaurant Wallegg-Stube is also in sight and the altitude meters of the ascent are mastered.

The way back to the village also leads again along a brook in the direction of Lenkerhof. The sulfur smell that rises to the nose here is from the natural sulfur spring.