A wonderful ski tour through a beautiful landscape up to the massive firn ridge on the Petersgrat, with a variety of enjoyable descents to Fafleralp.

Start your tour at the Gandegg mountain station with a short descent towards Gender. Attach your pelts here and continue the tour towards the glacier "Tennbachgletscher". Ski along level ground in a north-easterly direction directly below the Sackhorn, Elwertätsch and Birghorn. In no time at all, you will have reached your destination - the Petersgrat - a massive plateau, the highest point of which is almost impossible to see.

The descent through the Uisterstal (Outer Valley) between the Tellispitza and Chrindelspitza is a real pleasure. From the Fafleralp, continue down the cross-country ski trail at a leisurely pace to Blatten (caution: cross-country skiers and winter hikers have priority on the track).

Alternatively, continue your tour from the highest point of 3,202 metres above sea level over the firn ridge in an easterly direction to the western boundary rocks of the Tschingelhorn and descend from there in a wide loop to Fafleralp across the glacier "Üsser Talgletscher" via the Inners Tal (Inner Valley).