Panoramic trail: Hörnliweg Adelboden

The gentle climb, simple two hourroute, timeless farmhouses, and a south-facingslope make this circular trail close to the village extremely attractive. But the real highlight has to be the two lookout points at Hörnli and Taubenfels. Here the view sweeps outfrom the Niesen mountainsacross the whole Engstligen Valley.

The Hörnliweg is the most popular short hike in Adelboden. Starting in the village, the trail leads in steady ascent up top the Höreli. There you find the Alpine Garden, a wonderful treasure that assembles all sorts of local flowers and herbs on a small patch of land. It is cultivated by nature lovers and invites the guest to stay. The tour continues and leads to the Taubenfels, maintaining the same level. There, the admirable view of Adelboden and of the mountains Lohner and Wildstrubel suggests a next halt. Finally, you descend through the Senggi forest down to the village.