A magnificent glacier hike in an Alpine mountain setting. The route continues for several hours over the ice. The ascent out of the valley and the return tour offer an encounter with many different layers of vegetation.

By bus from Kandersteg railway station to Selden in Gasterntal (timetable). From here follow the hiking route along the river Kander on the southern side via Heimritz and Schafgrinde up to Kanderfirn. From Schafgrinde follow the blue-white signs as far as the entry to the glacier. Continue following the rope over the glacier to Mutthorn mountain hut. The descent is over Tschingelfirn and to Oberhornsee. Continue over Obersteinberg or Trachsellauenen to Stechelberg.

Classification: L

Duration:Selden - Mutthorn mountain hut 6 hoursMutthornhütte - Stechelberg: 5 hours

Route / Difficulty level:T5, sophisticated Alpine walking, exposed and difficult terrain, mountaineering shoes. Mountaineering shoes, rope and pick (»Info Swiss SAC Hiking Scale)

Return trip:from Stechelberg by bus and train to Interlaken

Gastronomy:Selden, Heimritz, Obersteinberg, Trachsellauenen and Stechelberg