Lötschenpass Hike

A lovely hike from the Bernse Oberland via the Lötschenpass into the Valais.

In Selden start the first stage of the hike with the climb to the Lötschenpass, the history-steeped pass from the Bernese Oberland into the Valais. As it culminates at 2,690 m above sea level, crossing the Lötschenpass takes a great deal of stamina, but the view across the mountains around the Lötschental and the Kandertal valleys is all the more magnificent for it. The view across to the mighty Bietschhorn and beyond the Rhone valley to the Mischabel range is particularly breathtaking. On your hike you will traverse the length of the glacier "Lötschengletscher" for a kilometre of so, wide stretches of which are covered by stones and rocks in every colour imaginable; every now and then blue ice glistens through the rocks. Melt water gurgles through small channels and here and there the water has flushed out deep, meandering trenches through which the water rushes until it disappears through a hole. However, the glacier can be crossed with ease in hiking boots. The route reaches the Lötschenpass and the Lötschenpass Hut shortly after this awe-inspiring natural landscape where you can fortify yourself for the second stage of the hike (an overnight stay in the Lötschenpass Hut is also possible).

Then head from the Lötschenpass towards Lauchernalp on the well-marked hiking trail. You will reach the Lauchernalp after a descent of about 2 hours and 10 minutes. From there, either take the cable car back to Wiler or descend on foot.