Lenk – Zweisimmen valley trail

From Lenk to Zweisimmen along the gurgling waters of the river Simme: with the sun warming your back, the valley trail offers lots of variety and magnificent views of the surrounding mountains.

Immediately below Wallbach's swimming pool, the trail gently climbs and falls towards Lenk-Boden, passing by the tree-lined Simme river. From Lenk-Boden, cross-country skiers can expect a fast and straight section that extends for about one kilometre. The trail then continues gently up and down as it goes towards Matten. Very keen skiers, in particular, will then enjoy the two-kilometre-long, dead straight "race track" that passes over the former St. Stephan military airfield. At the Rieder timber mill, winding paths lead through woodland sections and on to the Hotel Diana. The village of Blankenburg, which has a castle bearing the same name, is reached across an open field. And equally as impressive: the old timbered houses with their magnificent facade murals. They attest to an age of former carpentry craftsmanship and line the trail all the way to its end point in Zweisimmen. Incidentally: if you follow the trail in the opposite direction, you will be skiing into the sun – and be able to enjoy splendid views of the Wildstrubel.