Lenk – Simmen Falls Cycle Route

The cycle route from the village to the very end of the valley is a flattish affair along the valley floor. The detour to Lenkerseeli is always worthwhile.

This route is suitable for the whole family. The view of the Wildstrubel massif is a constant companion on the way to the Simmen Falls. At the Simmenfälle Restaurant, the sheer rock faces of the Ammertehor seem almost within reach. The thundering Simmen waterfalls are a unique spectacle of nature that can be admired in comfort just a few steps from the restaurant itself. The cycle route follows side roads and dirt tracks away from any traffic, past a number of barbecue spots. The detour to the AlpKultur play area is definitely worthwhile. For the return leg, either take the same route or the road and, from Rothenbach, the dirt track running alongside the Simme river.

The tour itself does not pose any technical challenges.