Lenk - Hahnenmoospass - Geils - Bergläger - Chatzehubel - retour

Extensive round tour in an easterly direction over the Hahnenmoospass into the Bergläger and back to Lenk.

This tour begins with a long asphalt ascent to the Bühlberg and on to the Hahnenmoos. From Bühlberg the ascent becomes steeper and leads over a gravel road. However, with the necessary E tailwind, the view of the Simmental valley can be enjoyed despite the steepness of the ascent. Anyone who has been skiing here in winter will be familiar with the wonderful mountain world in the Adelboden-Lenk ski area and will notice how different the area looks in summer. From Hahnenmoos, a rapid descent leads to Bergläger, in the direction of Adelboden. At Bergläger, however, the tour turns around again and the ascent back to Hahnenmoos begins on the other side of the valley.

This tour leads over a rough gravel road in the Bühlberg-Hahnenmoos area, otherwise the road is completely asphalted. There are no single trails to master on this tour.