Lenk - Bleike Stafel - Obersteg - Färmeltal - Matten - Lenk

Easy e-bike tour from Lenk to the unspoilt Färmeltal.

The tour starts with an ascent along the asphalt road up the Gutenbrunnen. The view gets better with every metre of altitude gained. Past Bleike-Stafel, the route turns off to the left and follows an unpaved track leading through alpine meadows and mountain forests all the way to the Färmeltal. There are various options for branching off along this stretch. The Färmeltal side valley remains an untouched wilderness and forms the highpoint of this tour! A detour along the increasingly steep asphalt road will take you right to the end of the Färmeltal, 1650 metres above sea. You'll be rewarded with a stunning view back down the Färmeltal. Follow either the gravelled road or the asphalt road back towards the bottom of the valley as far as Matten, from where a level cycle path leads back to Lenk.

This trail is technically easy and there are no off-road singletrack sections.