Jaun Pass Trail

Surrounded by the gentle landscape of the pass, and with stunningly beautiful views of the razor-sharp, jagged Gastlosen range, the Jaun Pass offers a unique cross-country skiing experience.

Surrounded by the pristine, rugged features of the Gastlosen mountain range, cross-country skiers will glide across the gentle landscape of this pass. Lying at around 1,500 metres above sea level, snowfall is assured in this region. The route consists of several loops and has several climbs and descents.

The trail starts at the centre of the pass. Right away this demanding route will wind its way across flat sections, gently rolling hills and wide, open terrain. Whilst en route, cross-country skiers will enjoy the fantastic views of the impressive Gastlosen mountain range. There's certainly good reason why these mountains are also known as the Dolomites of the Saanenland. On the other side of the mountain range one's view extends all the way to the delightful Abländschen valley, only then to reveal further views into the Simmental.

The entire trail extends to around 16 kilometres. However, since the route consists of several loops, it can also be shortened as desired.

The night trail is illuminated every Wednesday and Saturday until 10 p.m.

When there is sufficient snow, an additional trail is groomed on the valley floor in Boltigen.