Hohtürli 2778 m

Unique pass hike with a wide variety of impressions. This mountain hike provides an overwhelming insight into the glacier world on the northern flank of the Blümlisalp and the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

From Kandersteg railway station to the centre of the village. At the church head out of the valley for a while and turn off before the tourist office. Through the shady Öschiwald 's continue the ascent to the world-famous Oeschinensee. The lake with a depth of 60 m was created by a rockfall from Doldenhorn. The rocks and rubble stopped the lake from draining. The lake has an underground outlet and reappears in Öschibach.

The ascent from the lake is through unspoiled nature and by the rock beams to Underbärgli. A slightly steeper ascent takes you across Alpine meadows and through rocky stretches to Oberbärgli.

Crossing the expansive side moraine of Blüemlisalp glacier climb through the rocky scree on the southern slope of the Schwarzhorn. With every step the view over the rock crevices and glaciers of the imposing mountain becomes clearer. Suddenly, you reach the level of the pass at Hohtürli. Blüemlisalp SAC mountain hut, with overnight lodging, simple food and drinks, is about 60 m higher. The brilliant white peaks of the Blüemlisalp summits are close by.

Take extra care on your descent to the Kiental side! Continue along an expansive rocky stretch, following the winding mountain route with its steep drop to Oberi Bundalp. Carry on to Underi Bundalp where a wide Alpine path cuts through woodland and meadows to Hotel Griesalp and the Postbus stop.

Variant: Use of the Oeschinen gondola lift