Hockenhorn Hike (from Lauchernalp)

An easy-to-climb peak for experienced mountain climbers with a vista across many of the Valais Alps as far as Mont Blanc.

Start at the Lauchernalp mountain station, from where there is a leisurely 3.5 hour long hike along an attractive hiking trail up to the Lötschenpass. The track is steep in parts and then passes large stone slabs and small lakes. A stop in the cosy Lötschenpass Hut at 2,690m above sea level is recommended after the ascent.

The tour then continues on the relatively broad ridge to the Kleinhockenhorn (this is not an officially signposted route). Here you will have to cross either a snow field or a firn field. The climb to the summit is steep and requires a great deal of stamina. Some experience of Alpine mountaineering and sure footedness are essential when climbing up to the summit over boulders and scree and you may need to hold on with one or both hands on occasion. You will have reached your destination after a 2.5 hour climb. From the Hockenhorn you will enjoy a magnificent view over many of the Valais Alps as far as Mont Blanc.