Hike on the Bäderhorn brimming with wonderful views

Reaching just under 2,000 metres in altitude, the Bäderhorn is a panoramic mountain in a class unto its own. The views extend to Mont Blanc, the Gastlosen peaks, the Wildstrubel massif, the Balmhorn and the Finsteraarhorn, amongst other peaks.

The route starts from the bus stop on the Jaun Pass. To start with, it goes up gently, partly in forest, but the path mostly leads across open pastureland. Until just before the Grosse Bäder alp, the path remains an asphalt road. Putting in a stop at the Bäder alp makes sense, either before or after the climb to the Bäderhorn. This innovative Alpine farm makes special cow and goat cheeses, as well as solar-oven baked meringues. The small restaurant on the alp offers even more delicacies. After the Bäder alp, the path initially leads straight along the slope, then along a narrow path up to the Bäderhorn. This section is very open, without any trees and leads across mountain meadows. Having reached the summit, you will be rewarded with a stunning 360-degree panorama of the Alps that extends all the way to Mont Blanc in clear weather.