Gehrihorn (Frutigen) Biketour

Challenging, but rewarding bike tour through Frutigland. From the village centre follow the river Kander as far as the weir. Then, cycle along the field route through woodlands and past Alpine meadows as far as Frutigen and onwards as far as Kien. Here, turn right in the direction of Aris - Gehrene and make the long ascent. Continue the ride in the direction of Schlafegg - Rosslaueni (remember to turn left in the direction of Rosslaueni at Holzbrunnen). Continue climbing uphill and carry straight on at the first turn. After about 1.6 km follow the hiking trail in the direction of Felsenburg / Mitholz (be careful, this is a narrow hiking route). To return to Kandersteg you can turn onto the field route, using the main road (partly with heavy traffic, but the ascent is less steep) or return by bus (bike transport is possible).