Freeride Trail Sunnbüel

The Freeride Bike Trail from Sunnbüel to Kandersteg is ideal for downhill fanatics as well as allround bikers.

Details: Downhill run with obstacles

Length: approx. 4.7 km

Height difference: 720 m

Highlights: 25 x jumps, 12 x tables, 1 x drop, 10 x gaps, 105 x banked curves, 1 wall, jumpline, chicken run

Liability notice: The Downhillverein shall not accept any liability in the case of accidents. The rules shall be complied with for the route.


Bike transport

Kandersteg - Sunnbüel cable car provides transport to the start of the Freeride Trail.

Base station

The individual rider must install the bike in the bike rack.

A cloakroom with washing facilities is available at the base station.


The cable car attendant will check before departure that the bikes are correctly stowed in the bike rack and secures them with a wire rope.


Mountain station

The individual rider must remove the bike from the bike rack.