Engstligenalp – Chindbettipass – Daubensee – Gemmipass

Engstligenalp, Tälligletscher, Daubensee and Gemmi: this four-and-a-half-hour route offers sure-footed hikers the whole range of alpine diversity from lush green high plateaus to mountain passes steeped in history.

Crossing to Gemmipasshöhe, 5 hours. Ascent via Märbenen-Tossen to Einsattlung west of point 2691 (Chinbettihorn) via Tälligleschter, northeast of point 2628 through the Rote Chumme to the Daubensee and left to the Gemmiweg or right along the lake to the fork of the Lämmernbach, here cross it on a narrow footbridge and head directly south up to the Gemmi Pass.