A ski tour on the popular Elwertätsch skiing mountain with a variety of descents to Blatten via Tellin.

The tour on the Elwertätsch is richly varied in terms of terrain and offers a magnificent view across to the Bietschhorn and the Valais 4000-metre peaks. The Elwertätsch lies on the boundary between the cantons of Berne and Valais, between the Gasterental Valley in the north and the Lötschental Valley in the south. The summit lies along a long ridge separating the two valleys from each other. The Elwertätsch is joined to the Sackhorn beyond the Tennbachlücke in the southwest and to the Birghorn in the northeast by the 3,169 metre-high pass, which has no name. The mountain falls with wild cliff walls down into the Gasterental Valley, interspersed by small hanging glaciers, like the Birggletscher (Birg Glacier).