THIS MAJESTIC MOUNTAIN HIKE HIGH ABOVE KANDERSTEG PASSES THROUGH FABULOUS LARCH AND PINE FORESTS TO THE MOUNTAIN HUT ABOVE THE TREE LINE. A SPECTACULAR VIEW OF OESCHINENSEE.From Kandersteg railway station the route continues along Oeschibach stream towards Oeschinensee. After about 30 minutes if you look up to the right you will notice the flag and the hut. At the cable car base station you have to transfer to the road. Continue to walk along the road in the direction of Oeschinensee. After a few metres, bear right on the well maintained mountain route.At first, the path with white-red-white signs climbs steeply uphill. Over a rocky step, known as the “Bärentritt”, and secured with a safety wire, make the ascent to just below the mountain hut. After this step the route crosses over a stream. The new bridge ensures there are no wet feet. Under the wires of the cable car and electricity network the route continues almost without any further ascent, until you cross the next mountain stream.Shortly after the bridge, the route forks in two directions. Doldenhorn mountain hut is to the left, and to the right the route returns to Kandersteg. Choose this variant on the way back. Continue along the original route, which climbs slightly steeper through the shady forest, towards the mountain hut.Now you can enjoy a glimpse of Oeschinensee. The best viewing point is several metres above Doldenhorn mountain hut.

Duration:Kandersteg - Doldenhorn mountain hut: 2 1/2 hoursCircular hiking route: 4 hours

Route / Difficulty level:T2, requires a safe step (»Info Swiss SAC Hiking Scale)

Return:Circular hiking route to Undere Biberg via Dürreschwand in the direction of Waldhotel Doldenhorn.