Bunderspitz ab Adelboden

Impressive summit tour on the Bunderspitz, 2546 m above sea level.

The route leads through the footpath (Schulgässli) that joins the Hotel Adler and down to the post bus station Oey. Cross the Allenbach on the Schützenbrücke and immediately turn left to reach the mats of the Bunderletales on a good road (Bonderlenstrasse). The ascent to Vordere Bunder is made from Ahorni via alpine roads to Bunderalp. From Bunderalp, a zigzag path leads to Chumi to the beginning of the moraine, then in a northerly direction to the sharp rocky spur and from here 15 minutes to the top. View of Bernese Alps, Lake Oeschinen, Jura. Quite strenuous, but rewarding.