Bike route no.5 Sillerenbühl-Troneggrat

Technically easy tour, which turns out to be exciting and varied. It offers an impressive panorama from Gsür over Albristhorn and from Wildstrubel to Lohner.

 From the Schermtanne, a short walk with a short steep section up to the Aebi (the Aebi can also be used from Gilbach). Then demanding ascent via Hintersilleren to Sillerenbühl (1972 m above sea level). The route leads over Vorderilleren to Bergläger and then steeply over the Stierenberg to the Troneggrat, whereby the last part of the bike has to be pushed. The descent via Trunig and Boden to Adelboden is enjoyable.


There is a short stretch of about 5 minutes before Sillerenbühl and a stretch of about 15 minutes to the Trone ridge.