Adelboden - Ausserschwand - Blatti

The stations of this easy hiking trail include the schoolhouse Ausserschwand as well as the woodcarver Trummer. The artist's home is reached in a little more than an hour. Return journey by bus from Achseten Tregel.

From the post office out of the valley via Schmitte- and Chlyne Grabe on the Talterasse of Ausserschwand to the schoolhouse. From here slightly uphill to the resting places of the Bütschegge. Wonderful view of the Niesen chain, the whole Engstli valley and the area of Aeschi and Beatenberg on Lake Thun. The little road continues through the Tschental valley at the foot of the wild Gsür. Shortly after Bütschegge you will find the turnoff to Egereschwand, with connections to the Choleren Gorge and the Pochtenkessel. Other routes: From Bütschegge via Möser to Höreli or TschentenAlp.