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Funslope Bühlberg

This is fun for everyone - your snow adventure!

This upcoming winter, you will find the new Funslope next to the 6-person chairlift Bühlberg. Curious about what you can expect? Dynamic banked turns, snow waves and special obstacles of course!

The swift ride starts with the speedboost that accelerates you up to the necessary Funslope speed. Next up, you glide over waves of snow and then cruise right into the first two banked turns. Afterwards you take a couple more snow waves and then finally enter the giant Fun Twister: You whirl around, leave the Fun Twister through the tunnel and off you go to the second part of the Funslope. Slopy, our cheeky Funslope dweller, is already waiting for you there and welcomes you with an outstretched hand: Give him a high-five and the fun continues!

In the second part of the Funslope you’re cruising through sweeping banked turns and gliding over snow waves. The run through the Funslope ends with one last snow wave – but, don’t worry if you can’t get enough: Just take the Bühlberg-chairlift and head up to the Funslope Lenk to start another run!


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